As Knights we stand for the following:


We serve a growing number of people and causes important to the Bordentown area with an emphasis on truly making a difference.  We place a high priority on serving our youth, particularly those with special needs.  Support for our church is always at the forefront of our attention, including the work and comfort of our bishops, priests and those in religious life and formation.  In each of our charitable activities, we demonstrate reliable efficiency and effectiveness.  We always give respectful credit to those who aid us in our work.  While desiring to unceasingly demonstrate our love of neighbor, our focus on family requires that we neither forget that "charity begins at home" nor the appropriate needs of the employers and others that provide for our own families.


By realizing substantial achievements through our united action, we seek to have all members, and their families, share pride in our institution and dedication to its goals.  By working to faithfully live in accordance with our shared values, and by demonstrating concern for individuals, we will continue to make Council #570 a quality organization with which to be associated.  We expect each of our members to play a leadership role, suitable to their individual gifts, in some aspects of our work each year and to support the Order's charity drive each fall.  We recognize and reward the contributions of individuals throughout our organization.


Our members expect to enjoy camaraderie and increasing ties to the community through contributing to the success of our efforts.  Recalling our Order's origin as a mutual benefit society, we seek to be a valuable and ongoing source of respectful support for the appropriate aspirations of each others' families.  As brothers, our members are especially encouraged to become well-acquainted with the families of fellow members.  We promote the ongoing growth of authentic caring within our membership by sponsoring social, recreational, service and spiritual programming.  Mindful of the unrelenting flow of sand through the hourglass, we both honor fallen brothers and pay heed to the needs of their survivors.


We take an active role in the development within our region of an increasing appreciation for the duties, responsibilities -- and blessings -- that flow from our republican form of democracy.  While we robustly support the participation of our members and their families in the governmental process, we nonetheless strictly forbid the introduction of political partisanship into our brotherhood.  We remain watchful for opportunities to appropriately honor our fellow countrymen at arms, or otherwise promoting domestic safety and tranquility, and seek to support the success of their missions whenever possible.